Friday, 3 March 2017

Life is a bit of a blur at the moment!

 "A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles."
~ anon
My first day of NOT having a job and the hound and I have had such fun!
We've raced through the waves
Yes, both her and I
Fetched the ball umpteen times,
Stalked the Skuas.
Who weren't very impressed.
We visited the Rose Garden.
There weren't any sparrows at the fountain today though
just plenty of Bumble Bees to harass.
They were so busy with their nectar sipping that they didnt even notice me.
I took to stalking the flowers instead.
With the macro lens.
The detail it captures is incredible.
I look at flowers with a whole new perspective now.
No visit to the Rose Garden is complete without walking up the hill
to St. Stephen's Chapel.
It's a rather steep hill.
With views over Mechanics Bay and Judges Bay.
Days like this allow us to explore so many places we haven't had the opportunity to ramble at before.
From St. Stephen's Chapel we headed up to Point Resolution Park.
It has great views of the city, Parnell Baths and Mechanics Bay.
Looking in the other direction we could see Orakei Basin in the background 
and Tamaki Drive snaking it's way around to the eastern bays.
Next up was Awatea Reserve.
It's one of the access points to the Hobson Bay Walkway which we've done many times before.
The Walkway isn't accessible at high tide, as we found out today.
It didn't deter the hound.
She had a swim instead.
There are some gorgeous gardens bordering on the reserve.
With the cutest of garden furniture!.
This 'not having a job' mararkey is rather fun.
It is only temporary though.
Adventure is calling and I must go!
(My mantra for 2017)

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Our week in review

Your life does not get better by chance,
it gets better by change.
- Jim Rohn
Low tide this week meant we could take the soccer ball to the beach 
without fear of it disappearing off to Rangitoto again!
Just love the reflections at low tide.
Ollie wanted to join in the fun but the hound only has eyes for her ball.
Last but not least, before we left the beach, was this great shot of the hound and I
enjoying our coffee and bun.
"Be you.  Be relentlessly you."
~ Lady Gaga
The most delicious Birchers for breakfast when I met Lourise at Ravenshill on Tuesday.
There's not been a lot of action on the Teacup this week.
Sunset on Kaipara.
The reflection through the window, of course.
Ominous looking clouds as the sun cast a golden glow over
the paddocks on Wednesday morning.
Stunning sunrise at Pt. England on Friday morning.
"The light in me thinks the light in you is freaking awesome."
~ Namaste
My afternoon tea on Friday, courtesy of Christine from Georgina's.
She loves Lamingtons too, especially when they're filled with cream.
Soooo good for the waistline and the cholesterol level!
Sunday morning's market at Devonport.
The first market I've been to since the market at The Cloud.
Didn't have enough stock to do Coatesville last week but managed 
to put enough together for Devonport today.
"It's the possibility that keeps me going,
not the guarantee."
~ unknown

Friday, 16 September 2016

Gloriously weird.

“I’m so grateful for the glorious weirdness that is my life 
and for those who travel this beautiful twisty road with me.”
~ Nanea Hoffman
This crazy Auckland weather has given us a daft day or two.
Rain. Rain.  And more rain.
With still more of the wet stuff  forecast for the weekend.
Webbed feet come to mind.
That and PUDDLES!
I mustn’t complain.
The rain is necessary.
It does rather put a damper on outdoor markets though,
two of which I have this weekend.
Rainy days at the shop are the perfect time to journal 
the hound’s and my adventures of the past few weeks.
No one, and I mean NO-ONE
wants to try on swimwear when it’s raining.
Can’t imagine why.
Our Tuesday rambles have, for the most part, included Carol and Sam.
We’ve explored Half Moon Bay Marina
both the clifftop and the beach at Musick Point
and chased balls along Takapuna Beach.  
I explored Northhead too.
Sans hound.
We’ve also bid her most recent rugby ball farewell.
It’s final resting place was in the waves at the base of Musik Point.
Only the second ball that Sam’s managed to drown.
He’s good like that.
He always provides her with another ball though.
Courtesy of his COFFEE money.
( .... not sure WHO drinks the coffee he’s saving up for.)
The two hounds have an odd arrangement where rugby balls are concerned.
They ALWAYS swop balls when they ramble together.
It’s something they’ve done ever since Sam became part of the Lahood family.
They have a connection that’s beyond our ability to understand.
And one we wouldn’t dream of interfering with.
Half Moon Bay Marina
... the start of another of our rambles.
The boardwalk that connects Half Moon Bay Marina to Bucklands beach.
The further we walked, the clearer the skies became.
The Musick Memorial Radio Station at Musick Point.
It was opened in 1942 to communicate with ships and aircraft. The isolation of Mucick Point, with it's absence of man-made electrical interference, made it an ideal radio receiving site.  
Following the closure of all the coastal radio stations in 1993, the non-profit Musick Point Radio group took a long term lease onthe building and maintains a radio museum in the building.
This lovely lady was learning to play the saxophone and comes up to Musick Point to practice.  
It was so lovely listening to the songs she was playing
 .... quite magical!
The beach below Musick Point.  
It's low tide and Browns Island looks so close.
We did quite a bit of boulder hopping and bum sliding.
Heading back up the steep stairs to the top of the cliffs.  
50 odd stairs were no problem for mountain-goat Sam and Carol.  
Waggle-bum (the hound) bought up the rear.
Takapuna Beach 
... another Tuesday morning ramble with Sam.
.... and the Labs were out in force!
The clouds didn't take long to follow us back along the beach.
The view from North Head on Sunday afternoon after a market.
It was absolutely beautiful.
Looking across to Mission Bay and Okahu Bay
and,  in the image below, Browns Island in the distance.
"Time is like a river.  You cannot touch the same water twice, 
because the flow that has passed will never pass again.  
Enjoy every moment of your life."
~ unknown